It is's 20th anniversary today. (October 15th). A couple of weeks later I conducted a long interview with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

In November 1998 Jeff Bezos, currently the world's richest man, came to the UK to promote

I had an hour with him and it was without doubt the most enjoyable interview I have ever done. While Jeff Bezos today is a somewhat controversial figure, in 1998 he was just an impressive and funny entrepreneur.

This is the complete unedited interview. I sound like a fool in many places but I came up with one good joke.

I have provided a fairly accurate transcript to download.

Should any organisation or individual wish to use any part of this for publication, please contact me on 07555 498955. Steve >>> Download transcription.

The full interview (55 mins): Here.

The original Independent article that this interview led to: Here.


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